The true worth of fashion

Why is it worth to play with fashion? It surely makes us much more creative and gives us lots of fun. You can show your current mood, express yourself with anything you like. Mixing unexpected colors and patterns is only one thing you are able to do. Go ahead and step into the world of immoral  trends.
 Hat - Sinsay (HERE) | Top - Thrifted | Shorts - New Yorker | Belt - Zaful (HERE) | Watch - Sinsay (HERE) | Shoes - H&M | 
You are what you wear.
Clothes express ourselves. Colors we decide for, patterns, designs… it all shows our true faces. Sometimes it’s enough to look at the person to understand what he/she feels. Isn’t it amazing? Wake your imagination and try something new. The combination of pink and red can be interesting, but also nothing unexpected for now. So, get ready for having fun and mix together some totally different items. Who knows, maybe it will become a brand new trend? 
Inspiration is everywhere.
Blogs, Instagram, street, catwalk… Take a look around. You don’t have to find inspiration only including the world of fashion. It’s also in art, movies, nature and so on. Whatever you feel to be interesting. The most important thing when you want to get inspired is imagination. Close your eyes and imagine another combination of items you already have. Try to do it every day and also during shopping (it will help you in choosing things to buy). Now open your eyes and make that idea come true. 

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