The spring is coming... A short list of upcoming trends

The new season is coming and it brings lots of brand new trends. Today I’m showing you three of my favorites – checkered pattern, purple and showed waistline. Anyway, I love much more of them and started collecting  new items. Some of them were surprisingly cheap. The price is important when you want to have it all. :)

Silk love

Let me perform you the first silk shirt I had (today I bought another one :) ). The only disadvantage is that it's sheer so I need to wear a top under. But - that's not a reason big enough to leave it on the bottom of my wardrobe. And the transparent details will be on trends so... You probably know the conclusion. :) If we are talking about the trends, I'm going to show you my three favorites soon but I'm not sure how to do that. I think about a post just about the trends I like the most or to mix it with a list of the most fashionable items at all. What would you like to read? 
Do you miss the spring just as me? I can't wait to the new season and the new trends of course. :) It's going to be a good time in fashion, but we will talk about it next time. :) I will tell you just that I have started buying new items with idea to wear it in spring/summer. And I have so much fun with it. :) See you soon! xoxo 

Just a typical winter outfit

Yes! We finally have our own Polish Vogue! I decided to go to the shopping center just with idea to buy the first issue. The cover is a little controversial but I have to admit I really like it. It's less obvious than a typical portret of a model what makes it much more interesting. Do you agree? 
OK, let's talk about the outfit. Another neutral color in my wardrobe - black. Well, I feel the best in that kind of colors. The outfit is simple, it's my favorite combination during cold months - sweater and pants (usually jeans). Do you know that dark denim will be one of the trends for spring/summer? It's a good news for me, I just love it. Another trend will be... purple. Yes! That's my favorite color! I will write more about trends in another post and show you them included in my outfits. 
This year (and during the last one :) ) I'm a little obsessed about fur. I haven't shown you my leo-patterned coat yet, but you could see fur stole on the blog. In this and in the last post you can find shoes with fur accent. Do you like it just as much as me? :)