Because you need to believe

 That's why words don't work. 
Vest - Thrifted | Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger | Skirt - Levi's | Watch - Dresslily | Shoes - Thrifted | 
There are lots of motivating slogans that make you feel like you can do whatever you want. That power you got is so big, you can't even sit, you need to do something. Lots of plans in the head, countless scripts and finally falling asleep. You wake up and the plans become the simple dreams. Typical dreams you will never make come true. Why? You knew exactly what you should do, you had a perfect idea for your own life. But you're afraid. You can say you're not, that you only look like that, but trust me, I felt the same. And still come days that make me feel broken. Well, they come for everyone. Thinking of who I'd like to be and what else could I do makes me inspired to life. A big shot of positive energy. I'm not used to tell people what I'm dreaming about. Maybe one person. But most of them knows just plans I started making come true. I know that feeling which makes you stop doing anything. I know how taste tears after a defeat. But I honestly believe that it's worth to fight, even to cry alone in my room. And any simple word won't work if you don't have the faith. It  makes you stronger, much more stronger, even more than you thought you can be. I have dreams and plans. And I trust myself. I like to imagine the victory before falling asleep. And I love that wonderful feeling when I'm laughing out loud because they came true. Wish me more of that moments, as much as I wish it to you. 

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