Dream set: Rosegal #2

Hello! I have another Rosegal wishlist for you.  I encourage you to check the Rosegal valentines gift ideas.  Men, if you are reading this, clothes are one of the best valentines gifts for your beloved ones.  :) You can find their best valentines gift 2018 ideas, so go ahead. :) I just would like to inform you that the valentines activity start on January 12th.
I think you all know that red coats are a really hot trend right now. So, I have dreamed about one but couldn’t find the perfect one. This seems to be great! Red is one of my favorite color to wear. It matches perfectly to most of my clothes. I rarely wear different than neutral colors but I just fell in love with that coat. I can’t wait to style it!
I also decided for that interesting blouse.  I adore it’s details on the collar! The top is so simple but elegant as well. It will look amazing combined with minimalistic jeans  both light or dark, in formal more casual sets. Very versatile and in my style.
Well, if we’re talking about jeans, there is my proposition. I will probably never be bored of ripped ones.  They make that grunge vibes I love. The pants will look fabulous also with a simple t-shirt or checked shirt. 
Brooch? Yes, please! I think about that kind of accessories for some time and this one seems to be THE ONE. Silver color will match to my everyday jewelry and… the pearls are very fashionable. In my opinion it’s just a perfect combination.  
Hope you enjoy my propositions. )

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