Review: Rosegal

I haven’t ordered anything via Internet for so long, but this time I did. And I don’t regret. Are you looking for a plunge neck blouse, knitting beret hat, waist belt or embroidered skinny jeans? Check Rosegal, just like me. The choice wasn’t very easy because I found there lots of interesting clothes and accessories. Do you believe that it’s the first time I ordered something from them? I’m surprised about how comfy it all is. Ok, let’s focus on every each item.

The blouse is something I wasn’t sure until… I put it on. It’s details, I mean sleeves and fantastic color is really matching to my style. It’s both elegant and casual – it all depends on how I combine it. Do you know that I’m a big fan of red? I have a good news, if you prefer more neutral version – choose the black one.
I knew I want the embroidered jeans, because they are a big trend right now. I was a little afraid about the size but it turned out to be suitable for me! It was a nice surprise during online shopping first time for so long. The flowers you can find on pants are simply cute, what’s just another advantage. I honestly admit, I fell in love with the new pair.
The double buckle belt was highly on my wishlist for a long time. I was looking for it in shopping centers, thrift shops and… finally found it online. I just knew I need to have it on my own. The belt is a great detail in every outfit, even the simplest.  I’ve already wore it with both – pants and skirt. Trust me, it’s always a good idea.
Berets are another hottest trend, next to the embroideries and red. This season I’m willingly wearing various kinds of hats, including baker boy caps and – from now on – beret. It’s my first one ever. If you want to stay fashionable but warm as well – check it out. I chose the black one, because it matches to most of my outfits and accessories. But don’t worry! There are also different colors!
So, the conclusion seems to be obvious – I didn’t expected I would be so glad. All what I ordered is exactly in my style and size. What’s more – that’s the biggest trends this fall/winter season! And it all was found online, in one store.  Fabulous! 


  1. Great!

  2. Mega spodnie :) Ładnie wyglądasz :)
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