When you need a break...

...finding a peace of mind is a necessity.
| Earrings - Rossmann | Jeans - Vintage Levi's | Bag - Thrifted | Watch - Dresslily | Shoes - Thrifted |
Sit down. Take a deep breath. Wait. Do you really need to do all that things? It's true that everyone has his own duties. But is it worth to be the fastest in doing it all? Can't you really wait for tomorrow? Stress is everywhere, you don't need to search. It makes the all of us depressed and afraid. Because of it our every little success (yes, you reach it everyday) seems to be almost invisible. Trust me, when you'll start to see them, your life will be much happier. Did you bake a tasty cake? Great, someone surely appreciated it. That 'little big' thing makes you unique in your own special way. But to reach it all you need to take a break. Calm down, think which of all the points from your 'to-do' list you really have to do today. Remember to find at least one little moment for yourself. Close your eyes and imagine your real happy place. No matter if it's your perfectly designed room, kitchen when you cook your favorite lunch or a meadow where you like to sunbathe. Go there. At least or a little piece of time. It will charge your batteries, prepare you for the new situations, perhaps the best in your life. Sometimes is worth to wait. Wait for the best of couse. 
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