The perfect imperfection

Early morning. She is looking in the mirror. Big nose, freckles, thin lips, etc. She sighs. Now let's realize that it can be anyone of us. We all find it easy to say something about our 'disadvantages'. But ask someone other - he will tell you how lucky you are. We're all too brutal for each other. We can't see our perfection. We are simply like we should be. We're like puzzles - every single piece matches to the other ones. Let's love each other just as we are.
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To love yourself...
There's only one person that surely will be with you for all your life - you. Yourself is your everyday companion, the one who you know the best. Every person has his little imperfections. The only one who knows yours is yourself. There's no one in the world that see all this 'disadvantages' as you do. Actually, it's possible that someone envies you your freckles, who would like to have your silhouette. So, if you're the person that stays with you always, isn't it worth to love yourself? Treat yourself like your best friend. Look in the mirror and say - 'Hey, you! I totally accept you!'. Acceptation is a key to success, when you want to become the best version of yourself. Then you can change the things that you really can't stand. But you need to understand that it's the true you. 
The change isn't bad.
Another thing to realize - changing anything in your look isn't wrong. It's important to like yourself even if you need to dye your hair. Sometimes the littlest difference can make us much more happier than we ever were. You can make your nose smaller by contouring your face, or hide a pimple with a little bit of concealer. It's you to decide how will the other one see you. You don't need to admit that you filled your brows or removed an old scar. But you can't forget what you really are like. Awareness is a next case to remember. 
Last but not least... have to be honest. Even if you're hiding freckles, curling your hair or wearing lenses to change your eyes' color you have to show your true personality. Pretending someone different won't help you in conecting with people. You can change in your look whatever you'd like, but you can't be fake. The personality is the thing that people will remember. Thing how many times you were wrong about somebody... His look will make you judge him, but unexpectedly he proved to be a really fascinating person. The same is about you. Somebody can judge you too fast, but he can always change his mind. Your nature is the most important thing. It's worth to be sincere. 

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