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Fashion lovers all over the world will agree - our treasures are safer now. It can sound like a big coming back of nineties - we had already loved grunge, tracksuits and now - fanny packs. Seems borning? Absolutely not! The multiple ways of wearing make belt bags the hottest accessories of the season. Are you conviced? So check the list of the most interesting bum bags available on stocks. 
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It all started with... Gucci.
It was last year when Alessandro Michele introduced an inconspicuous accessory to the world of a big fashion. That little bag turned everything inside out. Fashion lovers from every corner wanted to have... a fanny pack. An iconic part of nineties' trends have it's huge come back. If wearing it as a belt bag is too boring for you, don't worry - there is a solution. If you follow at least one 'it-girl' you surely have seen a bum bag worn across the body. It's one of the most famous ways of use it nowadays. Even the  international stores like Stradivarius or Bershka promote that idea in their campaigns. Another trick is to wear a fanny pack as a... typical bag. As you can see, it all depends of your imagination.
Let's start searching!
The fanny packs are the hottest trend (next to baskets) if we're talking about bags. You have already met a little bit of the history of that accessory, now it's a high time to find something to invest in. Although it's easy to find a belt bag in stores it can be hard to decide for the best one. Below you can find a list of the most interesting types.  

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