Let the fashion show your true colors

..they make you unique.
| Hat - Carrefour |  Earrings - Rossmann | T-shirt - Thrifted | Overalls - Stradivarius | Watch - Dresslily | Shoes - Thrifted |
How many times did you have that absolutely fabulous idea of what to wear? And how many times were you simply afraid of what would people say? I know it can make you put on that old jeans and plain tee again and so on. But do you really want to look the same every single day? Fashion is that great thing that can make us having fun with our clothes. You can put on a straw hat, even if your not going to the beach. You can also decide for wearing elegant jewelry with a distressed jeans instead of a gown. Nowadays everything is on trend, you don't have to follow the rules. Look at the red carpet. How many stars are wearing something unpredictable? Socks and sandals? Why not?! We can go out of the scheme. Clothes should show our true face, no matter if you like to wear jeans, maxi skirts, trainers or the highest heels. The courage will make you look and feel the best. People you meet will appreciate it. You don't need to be a star or an influencer to have an unique style. It's just your decision how do you want to look like. Don't be ashamed. Remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

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