About the right of expressing yourself

We are wearing clothes every single day. No matter if you're interested in fashion or not, you do. Subconsciously most of us wants to look neatly. They don't need to care about puting on the fashionable blouse, it's important that it's right to the occasion. So, why we actually care about our look? 
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You can wear whatever you like... Really? 
Nowadays actually everything can be on trend. So, does it mean that we can wear whaterever we like? It's the truth that people we meet everyday expect from us being dressed right to the situation. Wedding of the best friend, job interview, lectures on the university... and so on. We have to be a part of scheme. We just can't stand out. It's a kind of paradox - you can wear what you want to but you shouldn't. There are some people that break that rule. Lots of us admire them because they're unique, they have their own style. We all would like to be like them. To feel free in expressing ourselves with the things we're wearing. In last decades it was normal that people were wearing only the most fashionable items. The trends were describing the times they were living in. The conclusion is that nowadays we should be able to wear anything we like. But it isn't the truth. The most original ones are ridiculed. Of course there are some opportunities when we have to look suitable. But the days when we're staying at home should be the moments when we can look however we want to. No matter if you like white dresses, leather jackets or denim shorts. You have the right to express yourself.

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