Trend: Sporty chic

Comfort is a new trend.
| Cap - Rosegal | Jacket - Zaful | T-shirt - Sinsay | Jeans - Rosegal | Fanny pack - Chinese store | Watch - Dresslily | Sneakers - Adidas |
Sporty chic is on trend since a few seasons. We have already loved hoodies, tracksuits and now we simply adore sneakers. The most wanted are shoes from Balenciaga (Triple S) or Louis Vuitton. You can notice that lots of current trends are about comfort. Well, that's really good for as, isn't it? You can mix trainers with a classical sporty sets, but now we are also wearing them with dresses. So, they are both - comfortable and versatile. Desingnes aprreciate casual style. They propose useful clothes and accessories. For example - fanny packs. That inconspicuous bag is the safest version of traditional purse. The most known is a belt bag designed by Gucci, but actually every designer has made his own proposition. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chloe and much more. I have a good news - you don't need to spend all your money for a trendy bag. You can find an affortable one in Stradivarius (HERE), Bershka (HERE, HERE and HERE), Sinsay (HERE, HERE or HERE) or like me - in chinese store (my fanny pack costed just 16 PLN!). Thrift stores are also a good place to start searching. If you have already found your type - how can you wear it? That's lots of different ways to wear a belt bag nowadays. In your waist, as a normal belt, across your body or like a traditional bag. Summarizing, we can play with fashion and still stay comfy today. 

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