The one thing you surely have

It's free and can make it all much easier. 
Sunglasses - Kik | Blazer - Bershka | Shirt - Moodo | Bag - by Jemioł |Earrings - Rossmann | Watch - Dresslily | Belt - Zaful | Mules - H&M | 
It is something needed by everyone- not only artists or fashion designers. No matter what you are doing. You can do anything you like and you still need it. Inspiration. New ideas, a dose of motivation… To stand up from the bed with a smile and happiness in your eyes. It makes you want to say ‘hello’ to the person you just met. It is a mix of slogans, photographs and campaigns you saw in your life. It is made of people you know. It’s everywhere, just take a look around. How often do you say ‘tomorrow will be better’ after listening a good song? It is how it works. You can change your life after finding that one thing that inspires you anytime you see it or feel. Yes, it can be a feeling. Sometimes you don’t see it but it works for you. You can’t live without it. That curiosity of what will bring a new day, the conversation you already have, that dream you’ve got  it all is caused by it even if you don’t know. Inspiration is a great thing because it’s everywhere. And it’s free so you can use it how often you like. It’s all for you. Appreciate it by appreciating the world that gives you inspiration.

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