Spread your wings

How many of your dreams are your plans as well?
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Nowadays I'm not talking about my dreams - they just live in my head. I'm talking about my plans. What plans mean for me now? They are that kind of dreams that I'm making come true. One of them are my studies. It's hard, complicated, but I know it's worth. I was saying that I would give up, I was also crying, but I have that lovely people that wont let me quit next to me. They know how much I'd like to graduate that university.  It isn't easy. The first blow came at the begining. My dreamed up field of study was cancelled. I thought it was end of my plans! But I decided to try with another one. Now I'm studying at that college I was dreaming about for one and half year. Another plan is that blog. I have been dreaming of how nice it would be to create it for a few years. And I decided. I don't regret. Today I want to tell you - you should try. No matter what are you dreaming about. I know you can feel weak, I feel the same. Someday you will look in the mirror and... say 'hurray, I did it!'. I remember the times when I felt alone, when I thought dreams are just for dreaming. Now I believe they can become plans, and plans can be results. Hope one day we all will celebrate our victory! 

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