Not only a color

Oh, spring - you're beautiful!
| Sunglasses - Kik | Shirt - Thrifted | Jeans - Calvin Klein Jeans | Sneakers - Adidas |
Lilac is one of 'the colors of the year 2018', it is as fashionable as dark denim. Today I'm showing you the second trend, but I also have a lilac flower as the atribute. :) Let's talk about the outfit. Denim total look is a kind of 'go-to outfit' for me. When I have no idea what to wear, it is the answer. As well as my today's make up - one shadow (especially dusty pink), blush, lipstick and mascara. Very easy, very versatile. What is your 'go-to look'? Let me know. :) I also decided to put on my Adidas sneakers. I love how much comfy they are, although I'm not a fan of sporty style. But who doesn't like to feel comfortable in his clothes? :) Hope you like it. See you! xoxo

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