In a spring bloom

A strange thing that happened to me.
| Earrings - Zaful | Jacket - Barbara | T-shirt - Dolce & Gabbana | Jeans - Pieces Accessories | Loafers - Josef Seibel |
The spring came with a wind of change. Another surprising thing that happened to me - I added colors to my wardrobe! Mostly it's white, but I'm gladly wearing also blue, pink and bright denim. I have never felt like this before. If you read my first posts you could notice that I was in love with dark and neutral shades. Of course I still like distressed jeans, so not everything has changed about my style. Or... maybe I'm just finding it? People change lots of times in their lives. Who knows what will happen next? Sometimes it's good to change something. Clothes you're wearing tell a lot about you. So pay attention to what you usually put on - you can discover something amazing about yourself. You know what? I like the thing that happens. I like the new feeling, that fresh air that came into my life. I'm waiting for the future with excitation. I hope, actually believe, it's worth. 

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  1. Beautiful!!


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