Does the tag really matter?

The more expencive item isn't always better. 
| Denim jacket - Thrifted | T-shirt - Vintage Moschino | Track pants - Moraj | Earrings - Zaful | Fanny pack - Chinese store | Sneakers - Adidas Gazelle |
Around the whole world fashion lovers are hunting for designer pieces. But why actually they do that? There's lots of good quality clothes and accessories without a famous name on the tag and almost everyone claims that that's the most important thing about bought stuffs. I still remember my first designer item. Look at the today's photos - I'm wearing vintage Moschino t-shirt. I was proud when I brought it home. But it's just a simple t-shirt made of an elastic fabric. There's nothing special about this. So what makes us looking for clothes with a famous tags? Probably we want to show that we are able to get the luxury. We all want to impress our current friends and the friends to be. You can deny, but tell me honestly - was there any single situation when you just wanted to scream out 'Look at me, I have that original piece'? I guess it was. We All want to have that feeling at least once. We all feel  proud when somebody recognize that we had to pay a lot for any item.  We still think the more expensive is the better. But there’s lots of exceptions. So is it worth to hunt for designer pieces? Of course it is. But reasonable. It’s very important thing when you’re spending money for something ‘better then a cheap one’. Think twice or even thrice if you need. And after that be proud of your smart purchase.

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