You're gorgeous, trust me

Acceptation is a key to success. 
| Baker boy cap - Thrifted | Shirt - H&M | T-shirt - Sinsay | Jeans - Vero Moda | Belt - Zaful | Watch - Dresslily | Shoes - Deichmann | 
You don't need to be a perfect X, right? Just thanks to playing with your clothes you can get that fabulous silhoutte. It's worth to know your body's advantages. Trust me, you have them. Rules are easy to remember - build the right proportions. So, if you have massive hips - define your arms. If your waistcoat isn't much visible - make an illusion by wearing well-fitted blazer. And so on, and so on. It all depends on you. You can choose wherever way you like the most and wich is the best for your personal style. Just accept yourself, it is the key to be well-dressed. Don't follow trends if they don't match to you. Personally I'm still learning to live by this 'rule', but it made me feel better so far. Firstly when I stepped into (my own little) world of fashion (read: when I started blogging) I thought I should wear mostly fashionable items, show them on the site and forget about the last trends. But now I realized it doesn't matter what I am wearing, it's important that I look well and feel the same. I got know my silhoutte and start learning how to dress right with all my features. Remember that your personal features aren't disadvantages. Every body is beautiful when it's well cared for. There are lots of different ways to make yourself look simply amazing. And you don't have to resign of your favorite designs, patterns or colors. It's enoough to find that perfect place for it in your everyday outfit. So, are you read to accept yourself? 

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