When it comes to basics...

Can a black tee be as good basic piece as a white one? 
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A classic white tee usually reminds me about sport lessons at school. What's true, I bought my first one (I think I can honestly call it like this) with an idea to try it in various combinations. But in my opinion every plain t-shirt can be as good basic piece as it. For example - this black one from today's set. It's harder to stain it, what makes that more versatile. And with a blazer it can be at least as elegant as a white top. Do you agree? My adventure with bright colors has just begun so dark and neutral clothes wear essentials of my wardrobe. A few years ago I loved to wear a black tee with my galaxy patterned leggins (do you remember that trend?). I like to wear it also with a checkered shirt (everybody needs some grunge vibes from time to time, right?) or a cozy cardigan. Basics should be chosen personally; if you don't like to wear white - decide for a gray, black or even pale pink one. The most important thing to remember is that the top shouldn't have any pattern or text to be a typical base. Fashion is a fun, not a nessecity. So what's your perfect basic tee like? 

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  1. Beautiful outfit!!



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