Feeling the 60's vibes

I love retro vibes! Vintage clothes, jewelry but also old photography and stories inspire me. Doesn't matter if it's 50's, 90's or even older times - I'm really intested. Today I wan't to show you outfit which makes me feel the 60's vibes. Stripes, denim skirt, hairband - I think you understand? But it's not vintage. because all clother are modern version of old trends. I like that mix. You can see me a lot in different hairbands or bandanas recently (here or on my Instagram). In my opinion it makes every juxtaposition clomplete. And it's very comfy as well. I heard that hairbands will be on trend for spring. That's a good news for me! I need to invest. :) I have also two scrunchies but last time I prefer to wear my hair loose with just a bandana to make them look less complicated. Accessories are a good way to stay fashionable without changing all our wardrobe. You can choose whatever you like and add it however you like to your casual outfit. I have already written a post about Spring/Summer 2018 trends. You know, I can't wait for spring. I have enough of cold weather! Do you feel the same? Let me know. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Hairband - Zaful
Earrings - Zaful
Sweater - Thrifted
Skirt - Levi's
Boots - Gamiss


  1. Beautiful outfit!!


  2. This is such a great pos! :)


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