The spring is coming... A short list of upcoming trends

The new season is coming and it brings lots of brand new trends. Today I’m showing you three of my favorites – checkered pattern, purple and showed waistline. Anyway, I love much more of them and started collecting  new items. Some of them were surprisingly cheap. The price is important when you want to have it all. :)

Checkered pattern. It still stays with us! You can choose any style you want or mix them together.  Just stay creative and remember to have fun. :)
Showed waistline. Use a belt (or even two!) and stay more feminine. That trend is good for every woman. That’s great, isn’t it? 
Dark denim. In total looks or alone dark denim is on trend. I’m so glad, I love it! Anyway, you can’t go wrong with jeans in your casual style.
Trench. Loewe performed a destroyed trench on the catwalk. It probably is too ‘complicated’ to wear it on the street, but a classical beige one always looks good.  
Sequins. …they can be worn even after The New Year’s Eve! I’m not sure if I would wear them in my casual outfits, but who knows… I have changed my mind a few times so far. ;)
Plastic. …is fantastic? Transparent clothes and accessories were performed by Chanel.  It can be controversial and sometimes looks strange. Personally I can’t imagine myself wearing transparent gloves or handbag. What do you think?
Purple. It was announced as the color of 2018. Hurray! It’s my favorite color. :) I’m showing you today a purple total look. Well, I just had to. Fashionable are dark shades and lilac – you can choose whatever you like.
Fringe. ...but not neutral! The most trendy are the colorful ones. 
Pop-art. We could see that colorful streetstyle at Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Versace's shows. But not only! It's hard to wear and not in my style but maybe you'll like it? 
Scrunchies. What is it?  Hair ties typical for the 90’s. Here is an example. 
Belt bags. Firstly I was against that trend. Now I have my own and just love it! I saw interesting types in Bershka, Stradivarius and New Yorker, but bought mine in… a Chinese store. For 16 PLN! :) You can wear it in a classic way - in your waist or instead of a belt or... across your body. 
Layering necklaces. You want to wear two or three different necklaces but can’t decided for one? It’s not a problem! You can layer them. 
Yes, I fell in love with some beauty trends! Here are my favorites. :)
Nude nails. Nails in a shade of your skin? Yes! It looks classy, elegant and matches to every outfit. When I saw this trend I bought a new nail polish immediately. 
Blusher. I thought I will never use blusher… And changed my mind! Now it’s everywhere – on your chicks and eyes as well. That cosmetic can make your face more youthful  and add some color. I think it’s worth to try. 
Well it’s all of today’s list. Tell me what trends are your favorites… or maybe you don’t like any of them? Personally, I can’t wait for spring although the true winter is supposedly yet to come. Hope it’s not. :) Have a nice day! :)
Beret - Rosegal
Coat - Jane Norman
Turtleneck - Chinese store
Skirt - H&M
Belt - Thrifted
Bag - by Jemioł
Boots - Thrifted 

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