Silk love

Let me perform you the first silk shirt I had (today I bought another one :) ). The only disadvantage is that it's sheer so I need to wear a top under. But - that's not a reason big enough to leave it on the bottom of my wardrobe. And the transparent details will be on trends so... You probably know the conclusion. :) If we are talking about the trends, I'm going to show you my three favorites soon but I'm not sure how to do that. I think about a post just about the trends I like the most or to mix it with a list of the most fashionable items at all. What would you like to read? 
Do you miss the spring just as me? I can't wait to the new season and the new trends of course. :) It's going to be a good time in fashion, but we will talk about it next time. :) I will tell you just that I have started buying new items with idea to wear it in spring/summer. And I have so much fun with it. :) See you soon! xoxo 

Silk shirt - DKNY
Suede pants - Thrifted
Belt - Zaful
Watch - Dresslily
Boots - Thrifted 

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  1. Beautiful!!


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