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Tomorrow is the day perfect for romantic sets... But I want to show you something more casual and versatile. All clothes are from Rosegal. Before I start talking about my newest order I'd like to recommend you checking the Rosegal Valentines gift ideas. You can find there a relly big best Valentines gift 2018 offer. 
My outfit isn't a classical Valentines look. Actually, only the color of the coat reminds about the holiday.  Red is always good idea in my opinion. Maybe red was the color of fall/winter season but I will gladly wear it during spring! The outerwear will make my wardrobe more interesting. I usually wear neutral shades so it will be a good change. I decorated it with an elegant brooch. Pearls are also very trendy right now! I think that jewelry will look great with lots of different clothes. It's my first accessory like that so I can't wait to try it in any juxtapositions! It will make every single blouse more chic! :)
The blouse is simply amazing! I love it's details. And the quality is so good too. In my opinion it's very versatile. I have already worn it to my exams and I want to say - it's fabulous. With jeans (like at the pictures), with skirt or with pants like cigarettes - the blouse will be a nice option. Well, I don't regret I chose it. :)
The jeans has something I really love... They are distressed! It's my favorite type of denim clothes. They make today's outfit more casual and breaking the smart character. Do you like this contrast? Well, I really do. I don't have too much of light denim in my wardrobe so I hope you understend my choice.  Anyway, I think all the items are very versatile. They look good in that jutaposition and will do the same in any other set. Just as I like! :)

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