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Let me perform you my newest Zaful items. I just couldn't wait to receive them! Before I tell you something about them I would like to remind you about Zaful valentine's day sales. It's a good occasion to choose something! Actually, every day is good enough to do that, but girls, Zaful valentine's day 2018 is an opportunity to celebrate the holiday even if you're single! ;) 
Well, now I can write a few words about my order. First of all, I was waiting impatientely for the earrings! I will be the most honest if I tell you that I dreamed about the ones in the shape of stars! They are big, but so light. They look amazing and make my outfit complete. I started to collect earrings again, so I just need them in my casket. And on my ears of course! ;) I fell in love with them and wear that jewelry almost everyday. It was worth to choose them! 
OK, what's next? The camo jacket. I will probably never have enough of camo pattern! It's too cold outfide right now but the spring will come soon! ;) The colors of the jacket are beautiful. They are just in my favorite shades of green. You know, I'm not a big fan of green, but when it comes to camo... Huh. I just need it. The jacket seemed to be too loose when I first saw it, but when I tried it on I knew it's good. I think it will be a good alternative to the denim jacket or a blazer. 
A simple t-shirt is alway a must-have in every wardrobe. This one has an interesting pattern. When I checked the quality... I was shocked! It's really high! It's much thicker than the tees I had so far. I think it will be one of my favorite tops. Well, be ready - you will see it often! 
I was looking for a perfect vintage belt. And I found it! Belts are ones of my favorit accessories. I choose them when I want to keep my outfits simple but more interesting and complete as well. I really recommend you that little trick. It's worth to try! And if you are looking for a perfect belt, check the Zaful's offer just as me. :)

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