Dream set: Zaful #4

I love that feeling when I receive another clothes bought online. Today is a high time to choose again something from Zaful. Remember about Zaful valentines day 2018 offer when you order new cuties. :) Valentines is just another good occasion to buy to yourself (or give somebody!) something pretty and good quality as well. Maybe my set doesn't look exactly like the romantic one but it's very in my style. And it presents my current obsessions! Firstly, jeans, well I just dreamed about a pair with darker stripes. They look really cool! I have seen lots of similar ones but didn't decide for anyone so it's a right time. I have also a little obsession about stripes on the tops. That's why I chose this longsleeve. It seems to be a very versatile thing. It will be good for a french style outfits. :) Another blouse is that floral cutie. It's pattern reminds me of spring, well it will be great then. Flowers are always good idea for that season, aren't they? And finally we talk about earrings. I admit I haven't worn that kind of jewelry for years, actually I don't know why. But they're back! And I started to collect them again. I prefer silver ones As you can see, I'm trying to make my 'fashion dreams' come true. I'm so excited! Have a great day! 

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