Can fashion be useful?

Do you believe that fashion can be useful? I do. Sometimes trends include things really great to have which we can appreciate. Big enough bag easy to find in stores, warm sweater, comfy hoodie... Who won't be glad of that trends coming back in stock?  We all can stay fashionable and comfortable as well. For me a great example of that style of trend is a belt bag (I will show you mine soon). I have never before feel as safe as now walking on the street. It has also other advantages. You can go through the town and have your hands free. Isn't that a great solution? I usually wear my fanny pack as a belt, but I like also other ways like wearing it across the body or in waist. There's lots of different trends good to inlcude to your everyday look. Actually, concluded that fashion becomes much more casual and useful. A streetwear is almost everywhere now. Of course on the catwalk it's exaggerated, look for example on Balenciaga's or Vetements' campains. But we can always change something to adapt the trends to our life conditions. And that's exactly what I like in fashion - you can play with it and wear clothes just as you like. And also add any accessories or jewelry that matches to your personal style. You don't have to follow every single trend - you can decide which one is good for you. So be creative and have fun - don't be afraid or ambarrassed about your own unique point of view. Just be yourself and show it with clothes. :)

Earrings - Zaful
Vest - Thrfted
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Dolce&Gabbana 
Watch - Dresslily
Boots - Thrifted


  1. Amazing!!

  2. It's important to see fashion under the right point of view! Loved these words you wrote xx


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