Obsessed with the sweater

This set I have shown you previously on my Instagram account. I need to admit I fell in love with that sweater! It's so soft and comfy. This time I combined it with my distressed jeans and suede boots. The boots would look great with boho dress put on during a festival. :) It's because of the fringe. They make today's juxtaposition more interesting. Actually, there's a lot of eye-catching elements in that outfit. Pants, shoes, bag with little pattern... But I like the way it looks together. As you can see I'm trying to find the new style of my photos. Do you like it? I really like playing with different filters. I'm waiting for your opinion. :) 

Sweater - Rosegal
Pants - Pieces Accessories
Bag - Giorgio Armani
Boots - Thrifted 

1 comment:

  1. You definitely rock that sweater! Loving those pants too!

    Paulo Paradox | www.pauloparadox.com


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