Dream set: Zaful #3

OK, let’s talk about another dream set. This time I’m focusing on Zaful offer. Firstly, I think that for lots of you Zaful valentine’s day sales are something interesting. Am I right? Valentine’s day special offer is simply another good occasion to buy beautiful clothes. Even if you’re single you can celebrate the Zaful valentine’s day 2018. The valentines activity starts on January 12th so be ready! :)

What about my today’s choice I decided for something casual. I think you know my love for camo pattern? Well, I could not be indifferent to this amazing jacket. Perhaps it is a kind of obsession but I just have to order it! I’m not sure when my love began but it’s big! I have a lot of camo pattern clothes and accessories in my wardrobe so the jacket will match to them really nice. It’s different than the other ones because of it’s shorter sleeves. Anyway, it just has to be great.
The tee is fabulous! Simple, but interesting because of the pattern. I can already see it combined with my dark jeans. It’s also very versatile – good for winter (worn under a cardigan and a warm coat) and in spring (under a denim (or camo!) jacket).  I have some ideas of how to pair it with another things. :)
I just dream about earrings in a shape of stars! This guys are just perfect. Casual, dressy, grunge… Lots of ways I could style them. After my 21st birthday I started to wear earrings again so I have to complete my collection. And that ones are high on my list! Do you have the same obsession as me?
That belt will make every simple outfit look more… hmm, interesting? Yes, that’s the good word. Vintage buckle is something I was looking for mostly in thrift shops. And again – I found it online! Well, I can’t wait to use it with my jeans. Belts are something I’m gladly adding to my sets to make them complete. Do you have the same way to put your look together? 

I have also a discount code for you: ZAKIRA

Wish you all good shopping! :)

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  1. So beautiful!!



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