Holiday outfit idea #1 | Zaful

There came a time when we all want to look elegant. Thanks to Zaful I could make outfit perfect for this festive occasion. My proposition is this comfy but still right set including the checked blazer. This kind of clothing will look great with both casual and smart juxtapositions. It's warmest than a typical one, what will make it amazing to wear as a jacket in spring. I think I will wear it a lot. The blouse has intresting details on the back, but unfortunatelly you can see it at the photos. But trust me - it's worth to buy! It's a nice difference because I bought a few white ones recently. It will look fabulous with jeans or a skirt. In my opinion it would be right if you work in office or just want to dress in 'smart casual' style. If I went outside I would take a blanket scarf with me. It's so soft and I'm going to use it during my trip to the mountains. It will match perfectly to my black beanie, but it's white details will make the set brighter. I was looking for one exactly like this. Great if you need to warm up your neck. :) I combined those items with faux-leather pants and simple heels. I think the set will be good during holiday meeting with family.  It's elegant but not boring. I will show you next proposition soon. I'm waiting for your feedback. Tell me if you like it. :)

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  1. Great inspirations :)



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