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I love that feeling when it turns out how fabulous are the clothes I ordered via online stores. This time I’m surprised by Dresslily. First I received the leggings and I just fell in love with them. They are my absolutely my favorite part of wardrobe recently! I wear then non-stop, almost every day. I need to admit they goes actually with everything and I think you will see them often on the blog. The leggings are warmer than normal ones what’s a big advantage during cold weather.  So, if you are looking for the perfect leggings for fall I can totally recommend these ones. Another item I ordered is that shirt dress. I think it looks very interesting with the leggings, but it will also match to more elegant set with tights. It has a right length for me and the pattern is really nice. It will be great also for spring. And finally let’s talk about the watch. In my opinion it’s amazing. It will be suitable for more official sets but I think it will be also good for casual occasions. It reminds a bracelet but it’s very useful too. When I saw it on the website I thought ‘I need it’ immediately! It makes every outfit more interesting.

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